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"Conducting your own divorce means you have to pay any fees charged by the court but you do not have to pay to obtain the actual forms. They are free."
The ideal place is right here at divorceguide.com. And when you do print your free divorce papers there are really only two things to consider; (a) have you got the right form or forms and (b) are you downloading for the right State.

Divorce does have some federal legislation but it is granted by a State court. And as each State has their own rules and regulations about forms and procedure, you must do the right thing. The steps are simple. Decide on which State you wish to apply for divorce and, in some States, in which county in that State. Once you've decided, check the requirements. Again divorceguide.com gives you a State by State rundown on what is required. Remember you can print all the divorce papers you like but unless they are the ones the court requires, you are wasting your time. Just follow the instruction.

Now which papers should you download? Well obviously any paper or form which has some bearing on your divorce situation. The basic application applies to every would-be applicant.

But if you have children then you'll need forms for the care of your kids. Even if you and your spouse agree on who takes responsibility, the appropriate form must be completed.

And the same goes for the split of any assets. Even if you and your spouse can agree on who gets what, the appropriate form needs to be printed, completed and submitted.

In some States there is a multitude of forms and you will probably not need to print most of them. It all depends on your situation. In some bad marriages, you may feel afraid due to violence or the threat of violence. There is even a form you can print which deals with this situation.

And while the huge benefit of an internet divorce is that you can print the papers in your home or office or wherever it suits, you may not be able to do this. If so, your local court house will have copies of the appropriate forms and can always be contacted for advice on which forms you need and how to complete them.

You won't need reminding that if you go to a lawyer even just to obtain the forms needed to make your divorce application, you are likely to be charged hundreds of dollars. One of the beauties of sites like divorceguide.com is that not only is the material able to be printed from the site but it is free.

Be warned that if you come across a site which offers you the opportunity to download divorce papers but requires a fee to do so, you are paying when it is not necessary. Conducting your own divorce means you have to pay any fees charged by the court but you do not have to pay to obtain the actual forms. They are free.

Just a final point. Most divorce forms are in what is known as a PDF or Portable Document Folder format. If you can't read a PDF when you click on it, you need a PDF reader. The Adobe reader is one of the best and is available free on line from Adobe.

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