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How to Respond When Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse E-mail
"At times, abusive women who threaten to call the cops on their husbands are guilty of being abusive themselves."

It's an unfortunate fact that there are many men who suffer from being falsely accused of domestic violence. It casts a negative light on them during the divorce and child custody hearings, and more often than not, twist their arm into giving in to their wives' demands during the divorce.

Many wives who plan to make the divorce difficult for their husbands employ this dirty divorce tactic in order to take advantage of their spouse. Many do it out of spite or revenge. Because of this dirty divorce tactic, many men find themselves booted out of the marital home, arrested in full view of their children and their neighbors, questioned, with their DNA collected and tested. Some even end up in jail. There are far-reaching consequences that can affect men's lives, their career, and their relationship with their children years after the divorce has been finalized. Not to mention the stigma with being an accused wife beater.

If your wife is the type of person mean enough to employ this dirty divorce trick, the best thing to do is to be on your guard at all times. Keep an organizer where you mark your location and appointments especially during days that you are not home. Should your wife claim that you abused her at a certain date, you can easily recall where you were and who you were with. It certainly makes investigations go smoothly.

At times, abusive women who threaten to call the cops on their husbands are guilty of being abusive themselves. If this is the case, note down all the dates that your wife subjected you to public humiliation, together with lists of possible people who could corroborate your story. If your wife subjects you to physical humiliation, go to the doctor and have the injuries documented. Some men find it hard to admit that their wives beat them, but it happens more often than you may expect.

If your wife is given to abusing your children as well, record the abuse (through video recorder, audio recorder, or calling 911 to have the abuse recorded while on call). If your wife is abusive, it may be better to call the cops on her before she turns the table around on you.

Remember that if you have solid facts to prove your innocence, it will not bode well on your wife. Falsely accusing somebody of domestic violence and further falsifying evidence is tantamount to perverting the course of justice and may eventually cause them to spend some time in jail. Keep your head clear and proactively gather physical evidence to prove your innocence so you can beat this kind of dirty divorce tactic that often victimizes unsuspecting men.


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