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So you are filing for divorce and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Naturally you want a good outcome from the divorce. Well there’s good news for you. There's no need to spend hours trying to find a good cheap divorce lawyer because this is all you need to know: There are two companies that offer first-class service at a very reasonable cost. They are Complete Case and Legal Zoom. With both of these services, you are in effect hiring a cheap divorce lawyer (or many lawyers) who have years of experience dealing with divorce issues.

As soon as the word cheap appears we immediately think of poor quality. This is most definitely not the case. You see over the years there’s been a quantum change in handling divorce cases.

Not so long ago nearly everyone hired a lawyer and the two spouses went to court armed with their respective lawyer. The divorce became a battleground with neither spouse prepared to give much if any ground.The lawyers would advise their client to go for broke and find evidence to support their case. Now obviously both spouses can’t win so someone was going to lose. But in fact both would lose because the costs charged by the divorce lawyers were always going to be paid. It used to be said that in a contested divorce the only winners are the lawyers.

Now times have changed. Now many couples see the wisdom of not contesting a divorce. They try and work out an agreement on the sharing of assets so that in court, the judge need only rubber-stamp the proposal. Perhaps a mediator has been used to help the estranged couple and maybe each will take any proposed agreement to a lawyer to have it checked before they go to court.

But in many cases people are filing for divorce without ever having even spoken to a lawyer. The would-be divorcee is taking up the offer of a complete service from online divorce companies.

The process is made clear and simple with guidance every step of the way. The spouse seeking a divorce does not need to travel for an interview or pay hefty fees to a lawyer. They do not have to deal with their ex or may not even be required to go to court. They know exactly how much the service will cost and there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

Comparatively speaking, the fee charged is most definitely cheap. Anyone who has been through a lengthy contested divorce will tell you how the bills just keep mounting. Lawyers charge for their time and when they’re working for you, you will be paying.

But that’s not the case with these online divorce companies. ‘Fine’ you say but is the service good? Indeed it is as more than a million satisfied clients will testify. These online divorce companies specialize in helping people obtain their divorce. They know the industry and the divorce laws intimately. Because they work online, their operating costs are kept to a minimum which means you save money.

Most people know nothing about the process of obtaining a divorce. Which forms do you need? Where do you deliver them? Do I need to attend court in person? These and many other questions are answered in full and plain English.

You can obtain the divorce you want and save a heap of money at the same time. We recommend the online divorce services of LegalZoom and Complete Case.

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