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how to get a divorceThere comes a time in the life of a married couple when their relationship is put to the test. While some emerge unscathed and continue on with their marriage for the rest of their lives, others find themselves on the verge of divorcing amidst countless of unsolvable conflicts that constantly threaten their marriage and friendship.

If you are one of the people who are planning to get a divorce but do not know where to start, this essential how-to divorce guide will give you all the information you need to finally set yourself free from your marriage and start a new and better life.

If you are still unsure whether or not divorce is the right decision for you, check out Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Is Your Marriage Really Over? in order to properly gauge your marriage in relation to the problems you are currently undergoing with your spouse.

If you are wondering why couples end up divorcing in the first, read The Top 10 Reasons for Divorce in order to learn what makes relationships tick and whether or not you have currently experiencing the same situation similar to the ones listed on this article.

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Is your Marriage Really Over?

What are the signs of a troubled marriage? Is it time to pull the plug on your marriage or you should try and make it work?  

Divorce Advice and Information

You've decided a divorce is the right thing to do but you aren't sure about what do next?

Children and Divorce

Tips on how to explain divorce to your children as well as information on child custody and handling teenagers.

Property and Finances

Divorce can be a messy business. Find out what you are entitled to & who gets what. Tax, alimony advice & how to protect your assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a divorce question? You'll find some of the most commonly asked divorce questions and answers.

Life After Divorce

So you think it's time to move on? How quickly should you start dating? How do you explain it to your kids? Inspirational quotes, dating advice & more.

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